The Psychogeriatric Nurses' Association Australia (Inc)

PGNA Constitution

Click here to download the Constitution and Rules of the PGNA in PDF format.

Psychogeriatric refers to that field of health whose primary focus is the mental and cognitive wellbeing of the older person - the older person usually being of age 65 years or older.” (PGNA Constitution & Rules 1.3.1)

“A Psychogeriatric Nurse is a registered or enrolled nurse whose practice - regardless of whether this is in the clinical, management, or academic setting - is focused on the older person with a mental illness and/or a cognitive impairment.” (PGNA Constitution & Rules 1.3.2)

PGNA Purpose is to:

• Encourage and provide an avenue for personal and professional communication between psychogeriatric nurses.
• Encourage the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, skills, and ideas in the field of psychogeriatric nursing.
• Provide opportunities for continuing education by means of written articles, lectures and seminars.
• Develop psychogeriatric nursing as a discipline.
• Foster the highest standards of psychogeriatric nursing care.
• Encourage clinical research in the field of psychogeriatrics.
• Promote interrelationships between other branches of the nursing profession.
• Promote links between other professional bodies at regional, state, national and international levels.
• Provide a united and authoritative voice for the profession of nursing on all matters pertaining to the clinical specialty of psychogeriatric nursing.
• Affiliate with other nursing, medical, and other professional groups.
(PGNA Constitution & Rules 1.2 et sequitur)

PGNA activity includes:

• Organising Conferences and Education Evenings.
• Offering scholarships to full voting members who have been financial for at least 12 months for the purpose of attending relevant conferences and/or completing relevant post-graduate courses and/or relevant research projects.
• Publishing a Newsletter for members.