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PGNA Membership

Click here to download the PGNA Membership application form.

PGNA Membership:

  • Class 1 - Full Voting Membership - this is available to any person who is a registered or enrolled nurse primarily engaged in, or with an interest in, psychogeriatric nursing. (PGNA Constitution & Rules 2.1)
  • Class 2 - Associate Non-Voting Membership - this is available to any other health care worker or professional person who has an interest in psychogeriatric nursing. (PGNA Constitution & Rules 2.2)
  • Class 3 - Life Membership - the Executive Committee may from time to time confer life membership upon Class 1 members who have, by their efforts, consistently promoted the interests and progression of the Association.
    (PGNA Constitution & Rules 2.3)

Payment of PGNA Membership and Associate Membership Fees:

  • Full Voting Membership - The current annual fee is $50
  • Associate Non-Voting Membership - The current annual fee is $30
  • Life Membership - no fee attached.
  • The annual fee covers the calendar year from 1st July to 30th June in the next calendar year.
  • Payment of the annual fee is made only to the Membership Secretary of PGNA
  • Fee payments are to be by cheque or Post Office money order and must accompany the completed Membership Application / Renewal of Membership Form (see page 2). Fee payments may be by Direct Debit also. The payment receipt to accompany the completed Membership application form. For reasons of fiduciary accountability no cash payments will be received by the Membership Secretary of PGNA.
  • Upon payment of the annual fee a numbered receipt will be issued by the Membership Secretary of PGNA and new members / associate members will also be issued with a hardcopy edition of PGNA Constitution & Rules.
  • One only reminder-of-renewal notice for each calendar year will be issued to members / associate members.
  • Financial membership / associate membership ceases if not renewed one month after issue of renewal notice.