President: Roderick Pirotta: Roderick was born and lived in Naxxar, Malta until the age of 24yrs. He trained as a Registered Nurse in Dublin, Ireland and then worked in England for a couple of years. He immigrated to Australia in 1991. For the last 17 years, he worked in various roles with Persons Living with Dementia and in Mental Health of Old Age. He was the Manager of several Aged Care Facilities including St Dominic’s Hostel in Blacktown; commissioned and managed a 40-bed dementia unit with Hammond Care and worked with people with Challenging Behaviours for several years at Lottie Stewart Hospital. Between the years 2004 and 2008, he worked with the Psychiatry of Old Age Team in Blacktown as Clinical Nurse Specialist. Roderick joined the Blue Mountains/Nepean ACAT team in April 2008 as a Clinical Nurse Consultant -Dementia Support.

His qualifications include several Certificates in Management, Psychiatry of Old Age, post-graduate Diploma in Community Nursing, Masters of Nursing (Gerontology) and Master of Arts (Theology). Roderick held the position of Treasurer of the PGNA – Psychogeriatric Nurses Association Australia (Inc). for more than 10 years and in 2017, he was elected as President of the same Association.

Vice President: Nanette Fogarty
Treasurer:  John Nadjarian: John is the Manager of the Special Care Program (SCP) at Hammond Care and has been pivotal to its success over the last decade – since its inception.

This unit focuses on providing clinical care and behaviour management strategies – in a homelike environment- for those who have behaviours related to Dementia – and who cannot be cared for adequately in mainstream care facilities.

John initially trained in the hospital system and thereafter has studied at Macarthur Institute of Higher Education, UWS, UTS and NSW Institute of Psychiatry. John was the Inaugural President of the Psychogeriatric Nurses Association Australia (Inc). and was bestowed a Life Membership in recognition of his service.

John provides leadership and education to the select group of carers who are expert at ensuring an individualised approach in responding to behaviours related to Dementia. John has a calm manner when dealing with Behaviours of Concern and uses a “hands on” role model technique to educate his select group of carers.

Qualifications: Registered Geriatric Nurse, RN, Registered Orthopaedic Nurse, Diploma Applied Science, Bachelor Health Science (Nursing )

Secretary: Fraser McLelland CNC
Membership Secretary: Victor Borg RN
Ordinary Members: Marianne Cummins & Julie McLean

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