Fraser McLelland CNC

About Me

I am originally from Tain, which is a small village in the far North of Scotland. I am a Country boy at heart and am now happy to call Orange, NSW home. I trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Glasgow and last September was the 20th year since I gained my Registration! How time flies.

I have specialised in Older Adults Mental Health for most of my career and have been lucky enough to work in four different countries and to spend time in Acute Inpatient Units, Long Stay Units, Nursing Homes, Crisis Teams in the Community and as a Community Mental Health Nurse. I am currently the Clinical Nurse Consultant for Older Peoples Mental Health at Bloomfield Hospital in Orange.

For me Older Peoples Mental Health is the “best kept secret” in Nursing. We are often overlooked in favour of our colleagues working in more fashionable areas, as we suffer the double whammy of discrimination based on the stigma of mental illness and Ageism.

That’s a shame, because Nurses working in this area make a difference every day in the lives of their Patients. While other branches of Nursing have become more technical and, seemingly, less about caring, Older Peoples Mental Health remains, at its core, about the relationship we form with our patients and how we use this to help them. Every day I am let into the red hot zone of peoples’ life, I am allowed to talk to them about things they cannot talk to even family about and, if I am brave enough, can walk with them through that place of confusion as they recover their mental health. That is a privilege – which I never take for granted.

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