Julie Mclean RN

About Me

Clinical / Quality Manager, Presbyterian Aged Care NSW / ACT
I am an experienced Registered Nurse with nearly 30 years in the community health
field; Community Nursing, Child and Family Health, Aged Care and Palliative Care.
I have lived and worked in regional, rural and remote communities across the
southern and western parts of New South Wales. I have worked for Presbyterian Aged
Care for the last four years starting as a Community Manager based at Bowral and
covering South West Sydney and Illawarra regions and now as the Clinical / Quality
Manager for the organisation. Presbyterian Aged Care has services across seven
different sites in NSW and ACT (Home Care and Residential) – which means a lot of
time in the car travelling between sites and listening to podcasts.

I joined the PGNA two years ago and I have a keen interest in Older Person’s Mental
Health. I am also motivated to expand support to staff working in varied settings with
older clients. Having worked across Public and Private settings – I have developed an
appreciation for organisations such as the PGNA which help me feel connected to a
professional community experiencing similar issues and challenges.

I am currently studying my Masters in Nursing – specialising in Older Person’s
Mental Health and Clinical Education. I hope to transfer some of this newly
developed skill and knowledge to the PGNA community. With an understanding of
the importance of access to relevant, evidence-based information, I am keen to work
with the very experienced PGNA board to continue to provide a link to resources and
support to our members. As I settle into my new role as an ordinary member on the
PGNA Board – I look forward to connecting to other like-minded members on
facebook and at the various education sessions and conferences throughout the year.
My encouragement for this newsletter is to spread the word about the fantastic
support the PGNA can provide. Lets continue to build on a Community where we can
share ideas, experience and knowledge.

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