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As an introduction I grew up at Gymea in the Sutherland Shire when it truly was “the sticks”. I graduated as a General Nurse from The Sutherland Hospital in 1974. As a much younger person I moved with my husband to Leeton in the Riverina. This move shaped the rest of my life with a number of moves around rural New South Wales as well as three years back in Sydney to consolidate my studies.
I have worked in a variety of settings such as regional Base & District Hospitals, Mental Health Inpatient & Community environments as well as a couple of Residential Aged Care Facilities including Garrawarra Hospital and Calvary Hospice at Kogarah.

In 1988, with reservation, I began my employment at Bloomfield Hospital. This transition was not easy, however with persistence and a desire to be part of change I became committed to Mental Health Nursing. I worked in Extended Care, Rehabilitation and Acute Care Wards of Bloomfield Hospital as a Registered Nurse and then a Nurse Unit Manager. I was chartered with moving patients/staff from a large ward (which is now the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health) to Audley Clinic that now is part of Sydney University, Orange Campus.
Since January 2007 I have been a regional Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC.2) for Older Peoples Mental Health. I am an Accredited Person under the Mental Health Act 2007. My relevant qualifications are Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing CSU, Bathurst); post graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing (College of Nursing); and post graduate Certificate in Older Peoples Mental Health (NSW Institute of Psychiatry)
My position is very challenging with the domain of clinical consultancy occupying much of my time. As each village and town in the central west is unique, the ability to adapt and expect the unexpected is vital.
I have been a longstanding member of the PGNA since the early 1990s and last year an Ordinary Member on the Executive Committee. This year I am filling the position of Vice President. Being a member of PGNA has given me the opportunity to network with like-minded nurses over a long period of time. Conferences and many stimulating conversations have helped me grow as a nurse and individual. The interplay of mental and physical health is complex; however, this is the attraction of aged care psychiatry. Seeing an older person moving towards recovery and saying “thank you” is a privilege.

The picture provided is a glimpse of what I so much love to do, i.e. voluntary work. From my parents I learnt the value of community service. Since 2012 I have been a member of a group of like-minded people/clinicians who volunteer their time and energy to promote mental health wellness in Nepal, i.e. Australia Nepal Mental Health Network. Our work is made possible by Rotary Day Break Club of Orange and our programme is registered with Rotary Australia. Over time we have been involved in a variety of activities, i.e. Assisting with the organization of a number of Mental Health Forums, raising funds post-earthquake, providing small scholarships to Nepalese clinicians, networking with appropriate mental health personnel/NGOs as well as our work in the village with the main focus being to assist with a mental health programme for students.
Visiting Nepal, mixing with the locals and witnessing the beautiful landscape is simply amazing – with my final comment being “it is simply all a bonus to the girl from the shire”.

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