PGNA Scholarships

The Psychogeriatric Nurses’ Association Australia Incorporated (PGNA) encourages its members to improve their knowledge and skills in older person’s mental health nursing through attendance at approved courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars. The Association also encourages its members to share their expertise by presenting at approved courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Together with the above endeavours the Association encourages its members to participate in clinical nursing research in the field of older person’s mental health.

To enable members in all these endeavours the Association makes available scholarships throughout the year on application from its members. The maximum value of a scholarship has been increased in 2019 from $500 to $800.

The Association attaches application criteria and reserves expectations of successful applicants. Please note that a minimum of over12mth continuous membership is required in order to qualify for application of scholarship. Please refer below for detailed application criteria.

To view the PGNA Scholarship Application Form and to review scholarship application criteria and PGNA expectations please click here .